Stainless Steel Handrails

When it comes to handrails or balustrades, stainless steel is ideally, one of the most sturdy and reliable materials when compared to materials like glass or timber. We offer different types of Steel and Aluminium fabrication services.

stainless steel handrails

Let’s take a look at a few benefits of installing a Stainless Steel Balustrade in Melbourne :

    1. Customised Aesthetic : When you add stainless steel handrails or balustrades on your property, it adds an aesthetic appeal to your surroundings. This is why they are commonly seen with balcony staircases, patios and decks. They are modern, elegant and contemporary in their visual aesthetic. This allows stainless steel to easily be fitted into a multiple variety of properties. This means, whether you have a modern property, such as a high end office, or if you have a modern home, stainless steel can fit right in.
    2. Low Maintenance : Stainless steel is made with an alloy, that includes 11. 5% chromium. This means that stainless steel handrails are resistant to mould, corrosion and mildew, requiring less frequent repairs, and very very few replacements. Furthermore, stainless steel, as its namesake, does not stain easily, which means it does not require frequent cleaning and maintenance, as opposed to glass or timber.
    3. Durability : Stainless steel handrails, generally come with handrail brackets. These handrail brackets, give a level of durability and strength to support a structure effortlessly and stainless steel, being an extremely powerful alloy is reliable for this purpose. As mentioned previously, stainless steel is rust resistant, which means steel handrails can last you for several decades.
    4. Design Despite being incredibly sturdy, stainless steel, can easily be moulded and shaped into a myriad of designs. This means that whether you are choosing a stainless steel handrail for interiors, or exteriors, you can easily customise the shape and size of the steel handrail, based on where you may be installing it. This allows you to have an unlimited variety in the kind of handrails and balustrades you can have for your commercial or residential settings.
    5. Protection One of the most important functions of a handrail is not aesthetics. Rather, it is the amount of protection it can provide to ensure that people don’t fall or slip from a height, or when climbing stairs. This is why when it comes to staircase or balconies, the material you choose for making the handrails or balustrades, needs to be extremely strong. When compared to wood, glass, and plastic, stainless steel doesn’t even come close. The strength offered by stainless steel ensures that you can lean heavy objects ai
    6. gainst the railing, without any fear of it breaking or even denting. This means that in addition to a sophisticated look, you have the highest level of protection when installing a steel handrail.


If you need customised stainless steel handrails and balustrades, for your residential or commercial settings, then reach out to Engineering Australia. We provide a large number of services when it comes to the manufacture and welding of stainless steel balustrades in Melbourne and we are adept at moulding stainless steel into any shape or form as required.

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